Embrace The Uncomfortable

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Only when we trip and stumble can we improve at catching ourselves.

As children, we lack the skills to prevent falling down. As we grow, we develop our footing and learn to catch ourselves. But one cannot practice losing balance – it’s an unexpected event that triggers an instinctual reaction. Therefore, the only way to get better at catching yourself is to unexpectedly trip.

Embrace the uncomfortable; trust in your ability to recover. After all, you’ve made it this far.



Confidence: (defined as) – belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities.

Confidence is such an integral part of our lives. Having it can make us, while lacking it can totally break us. Where does confidence stem from? It’s possible to achieve it through external sources (in the form of compliments or praise), but that’s not the kind that will stick and allow us to conquer our fears. One must prove to oneself, over a period of time, that his/her goals can be consistently achieved. Remember this simple equation: