Thinking Joe-Hi Res

Welcome fellow life-warriors!

Have you ever thought to yourself; how is it that we live in a world filled with such abundant beauty, yet so many of us struggle to attain happiness?

I believe that we are most whole and at peace when we’re young. Consider how happiness comes naturally for children, without conscious thought, without tremendous effort (e.g., playing at the park, riding a bike, watching cartoons). Happiness for a child is readily accessible because years of hardship don’t yet exist.

As we grow, an interesting phenomenon occurs; our innate capacity to be happy is stunted by the ever-growing pressures that surround us. We unintentionally misplace parts of ourselves, or perhaps, they are beaten out of us by years of adversity. By the time we reach adulthood, achieving happiness seems to be more difficult. We become so preoccupied with work, finances, and other responsibilities, that little energy is invested into our own emotional well-being. As the standard of living continually escalates, we rely more and more on external sources for satisfaction, thereby neglecting the most sustainable form of happiness; our inner happiness. When we are lacking within, we have less to offer the world.

The mission of this site is to challenge readers to look beyond their own perceptions and to inspire a greater awareness of life, others, and oneself. I do not claim to be a therapist or a mental health expert of any kind. I am simply offering my insight based on personal experiences and observations. You are free to agree or disagree as there is no right or wrong when it comes to differences of opinion.

Like everyone else, I have experienced many of life’s trials and tribulations as well as its joys and grandeur. Though still a work in progress, I am pleased to share what I have learned. I invite you to contribute your own thoughts as well.

From my mind & heart to yours,

Joe Babiak