Hurts So Good


There are many instances in life where we experience pain; both physical and emotional.  Pain means you can “feel;” that you’re not numb. As uncomfortable as it may be, it is at least reassuring to know that we’re capable of feeling something, anything.

Physically, the body perceives pain to alert you that something is wrong, as to bring attention and care to that area. Equally, we experience emotional pain when our thoughts and feelings need assistance. Imagine the physical/emotional damage we could inflict upon ourselves if we were impervious to feeling pain; we would all end up as worn down stumps in padded cells (eroded and psychotic).

There is beauty in feeling pain; it gives us hope and makes us appreciate our well-being. It also allows us to empathize with others and extend compassion to those who endure similar struggles to our own. But most importantly, it serves as a reminder that we are alive, human, and not desensitized mechanical beings.