In Memory of a Friend

Last month, a friend of mine passed away suddenly from a brain aneurism. He was 24 years old and an absolute sweetheart of a guy. Luckily, I saw him the day before and feel SO grateful to have spent that time with him. This unexpected news stirred up a myriad of thoughts and emotions. I was inspired to write this:

“Why do we fret over stupid/insignificant things when there’s no guarantee we’ll be here tomorrow? Why do we stress ourselves out over things which we have no control? Why does it take tragedy to remind us of how precious life is? Even the resulting perspective and inspiration quickly dissipates. We spend a good amount of our lives focused on money, success, and acquiring materials, all of which we leave behind when our time is up. We endure years of misery from our jobs, relationships, and our own underdeveloped emotional states. Why? Because of fear: fear of change, fear of pain, fear of being alone. Regardless of the suffering we may experience, there is comfort in familiarity. Unfortunately, the path of least resistance is usually counterproductive to personal growth.

My friends, there is a world within this world that we are blind to. Not because we don’t want to see it, but because we’ve been conditioned to close our eyes and follow the handrails of tradition. We are capable of achieving inspiration and gratitude without tragedy occurring. We just need to invest more into ourselves and each other (the grass is greener where you water it). 

Without hesitation, tell the people in your life that you love them and squeeze them a little tighter. Write/email/text/call your loved ones and let them know what they mean to you. Don’t wait and make excuses. Sometimes, there is no tomorrow.”