Zoom & Focus


The world has become so fast paced and we’re all running to keep up. Nowadays, life is like a treadmill fixed at 20mph; we are required to keep the pace, regardless of any physical, mental, or emotional deficiencies. It’s sink or swim. And here lies the problem…

Where we choose to focus our attention makes all the difference; much like looking out the window as you’re driving. Objects in the foreground zoom by quickly while objects in the background appear to move much slower. When focused on the foreground, everything is blurred, making it difficult to comprehend and fully appreciate what you’re seeing. But when you focus on things further in the distance, there is increased clarity and more time to enjoy the scenery.

Similarly, while we’re busy keeping pace with the rest of the world, we can unintentionally miss the beauty that surrounds us. Life becomes a blur and its many precious moments go unappreciated. Only when we look beyond the hustle and bustle does life slow down, allowing greater enjoyment and appreciation for what we experience.

There are times in our lives when it’s helpful to look at the “big picture.” At other times, it’s beneficial to focus on the finer details. In my experience, the most effective way to deal with life involves continuous zooming between these two vantage points.