Free Your Self


I often ponder why so many people experience chronic frustration in certain aspects of their lives. This inner dissonance is likely the result of one’s external conditioning clashing with their innate qualities (i.e., nurture smothering nature). Inevitably, we reach a point in our lives when who we’ve become no longer aligns with who we actually are. Then begins the daunting search for our true self, which has been forcefully suppressed by society (and its traditions) causing ongoing distress over the years. But why do so many experience this phenomenon?

There are too many rules that govern our psyches (e.g., what to do, when to do it, how to act, what to say, how to think, how to look, how/when to spend your money, when to sleep/wake, where to walk/drive/park, etc.). Though highly intelligent, we are still animals. And as such, there are times when we don’t want to be limited, obligated, forced to do different from our natural desires. We want to be able to live at our own pace, on our own terms, to roam about freely, without borders, like animals in the wild. But it is our own kind (humans) that prevents these freedoms.

This pressure and conditioning, fueled by tradition (and its nonsensical/obsolete teachings) creates so much frustration within us. We suppress our natural tendencies to be accepted in society, completely ignoring our true nature. It’s no wonder there are so many unhappy people who feel lost, stuck, and afraid of change. We’ve been fooled into thinking that conforming is living our life, when in actuality, it prevents us from that very ability.

Your one and only life is yours to live as you see fit and you alone are responsible for your happiness. No person or thing can replace what you don’t already have. To live the best life possible, you must attain a deep understanding of yourself. The better you understand yourself, the more accurately you can align with what makes you happiest. Otherwise you could be living a life pre-determined for you, thereby squandering your wonderfully unique existence and cheating the world of your greatest contribution.

There is so much more to living life than what we’ve been told. Once you understand this, you can move from the passenger side to the driver’s seat and steer your life in the direction best suited for YOU.